Terms and Conditions

Non Commercial Casino Gaming

Providing entertainment suitable for fundraising, prom nights, pubs, clubs, corporate events and weddings.

A typical gaming event lasts between two and three hours unless otherwise negotiated. We can supply the Fun Money which you can sell or give to your guests to be exchanged for chips at the casino tables. We suggest that if your event is a charity fundraiser, your guests purchase their fun money for a nominal (fixed) fee.

If you are organising an event for which you are charging an entry fee, and which falls into the catagory to raise money for a REGISTERED CHARITY then you can hire a Fun Casino to provide additional entertainments and profits, of the price you are charging is a set amount, regardless of how many people are taking advantage of it.

If you are organising an event for which you are charging, but NOT to raise charity funds then: you can hire a Fun Casino to provide additional entertainment if: 1. Any profit you unintentionally make is not put to private gain 2. The only or main reason people are there is not to win a prize 3. The price you are paying for the casino is a set amount irrespective of how much it is used

To qualify as prize gaming, the prizes (whether in cash or in kind) must be put up in advance, and must not be dependant on the number of people taking part or the amount of money staked. The players participating must also be aware of what "good cause" is to benefit from the profits from the gaming.

We always provide high quality casino equipment at a set price irrespective of how many people use it and how much you may charge them for it.

Prices are based on the location of the event being in the Selby area. Other areas will require additional negotiation for additional travel, time and petrol charges. Prices are inclusive of a professionally trained croupier and all equipment. Tables available are: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Dice (Craps). There is a two table minimum booking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

* Roulette - £180 * Blackjack - £160 * Poker (casino stud poker and texas hold 'em) £160 * Dice - £180

These prices exclude Christmas eve, New years eve and all bank holidays. Prices are correct as of January 2008.

We will require a completed booking form from you. A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking. Once we have received your completed booking form and a deposit we will send confirmation of your booking and final invoice. We ask politely that payment is made 14 days prior to your eventdate. We can then liaise with the venue to ensure a smooth hassle free event.

Please contact us if you have any quiries or would like to discuss a more tailored package.